Withdrawal Policy

Get that Whamoo feeling all the way to the bank.

Wager. Win. Withdraw. That’s our favorite Whamoo feeling. So when you request a withdrawal, we’ll get it done ASAP. But remember we’re handling money. So security, regulations, and other boring (but important) stuff need to be taken care of. Read our Withdrawal Policy to find out how we do our best for you - and how you can help.

Read this first

All withdrawals need to meet certain requirements - even yours. And if you’ve accepted a Bonus or Free Spins recently, additional rules may apply. Check our Bonus Rules to be sure.

Think about it

Your money, your choice. We won’t tell you what to do. But we do give you some time to make your choice. That’s what our 24-hour pending period is for. You get 24 hours to see if you want to cancel a withdrawal request. Want to keep on playing with your money? Just go to the cashier and cancel your payout. Rather have the cash? Just let the 24 hours expire.

Help us help you

We want the money to be transferred quickly and securely. At the same time, we have regulations to adhere to. We do as much of the required work as we can in the 24-hour pending period. Help us help you. Make this process go even smoother by making sure your account has been verified. If you haven't done this already you can go through the account verification process here.

More important stuff

You’ve gone through all the necessary steps. We’ve processed your request. Now what? Check these last few important bits.

What about seriously big bucks?

Met the requirements? Then we’ll pay out whatever you request. Just know that we can’t pay out more than €25,000 per month or €5,000 per day. When you win more, you’ll receive monthly payments of up to €25,000 (depending on the remaining amount).

Where will your winnings go?

Where would you like to be paid out? Just let us know. We’ll send the money there.

How long will the transfer take?

We’re sending the money as fast as we can. How fast? That depends on the payment account we’re sending it to. This is how long it takes after the pending period:

  • EU bank accounts: instantly to 2 working days
  • Non-EU bank accounts: 3 to 5 working days
  • E-wallets: up to 12 hours

Need extra info?

We can tell you a lot more about payments and withdrawals. If you need to know more, check our Frequently Asked Questions and our Terms & Conditions.