About Our Tournaments

Up your game for prizes and fame.

Crank it up a notch. Go head to head against other players. Join our tournaments for even more prizes. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s the Whamoo thing to do.

How to enter a tournament

Want a piece of the action - and the pie in the end? You’re welcome to join. Just do this:

  1. Go to our Current Tournaments.
  2. Scroll down to the tournament you want to join.
  3. Click or tap OPT IN (or LOG IN & OPT IN).
  4. Play the participating games (shown in the tournament description).

That’s it.

How to win

Every tournament is about scoring the most points. But not all points can be scored in the same way. Sounds complicated? It isn’t. These are the types of tournaments we host.

Highest total win amount

Each euro you win using your cash betting balance will get you one point. Doesn’t matter on which game - as long as it’s a participating game. You’ve won $230 on a selection of participating games during our tournament? Then you’ve got 230 points. It’s that simple.

Highest total win count

Sounds almost the same, but works slightly differently. The highest total win count doesn’t factor in the amounts won. It doesn’t matter if you win a single euro or millions of euros. What matters is how many times you’ve hit a win betting your cash balance. So if you had 70 winning spins throughout the tournament, you get 70 points - regardless of how much money you’ve won.

Highest total bet amount

Here we just count how much you wager from your cash balance. Each euro you bet equals one point. Doesn’t matter if your bet turns into a win or a loss.

Highest total bet count

Finally, we have tournaments where we only count the number of bets you place. The amount you bet doesn’t count. Each bet, regardless of the size, equals one point.

How to know you’re winning

Of course you want to see how you’re doing in a tournament. Doing this is extremely easy. Just go to our Current Tournaments. There you’ll see which tournaments you’re participating in and how well you’re doing.

How to collect your winnings

You did all the hard work. You’ve won a prize in our tournament. Now it’s time to relax. Let the prize come to you. You’ll receive it automatically within 12 hours after the tournament has ended. We’ll even email you when it’s in your account.

How you play by the rules

We’re very clear about the rules. If you want to know what you can win and how, check the description of the tournament you’re looking to join. If you want to know about all the ground rules, read our Tournament Rules.

How to find our tournaments

Depends on what you’re looking for:

    • Tournaments that are coming soon: Check our Tournament Calendar.
    • Tournaments that are going on right now: Check our Current Tournaments.
    • Tournaments that are behind us: Check our Past Tournaments.