Responsible Gaming

We’re committed to this

An awesome time - always. That’s what we strive for at Whamoo. Every gaming session should give you that Whamoo feeling. We can only make this happen in a secure and responsible gaming environment. So that’s what we work for - around the clock. Ever feel it gets too serious, and the fun stops? Read about our tips, tools, and resources to fight compulsive gambling.

Tips for all players

We like to keep it fun. But even more so, we like you to keep it fun. Here are some tips to do this:

  1. Gambling is and should only be a fun pastime. Never use it as an investment to make money.
  2. You win some, you lose some. It’s literally part of the game. Accept this. Never chase losses.
  3. Set a time and spending limit before you start - and stick to it.
  4. Use only spare money to gamble. Never wager money meant for other purposes.
  5. Are you emotional or under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Don’t gamble - at least not with real money.
  6. Learn a game and its rules before wagering real money. Read up on tips, strategies, and the house edge. Try a game for free first.

Try games for free

New to our games? Try them for free. You don’t even need an account for that. You’ll learn the rules and features, but won’t risk losing any money. You can do this with all games except our Live Casino games.

Let's talk compulsive gambling for a minute

Can’t get yourself to stop gambling? Then you may suffer from compulsive gambling (also known as gambling addiction). Some things you might experience as a compulsive or addicted gambler:

  • You lose track of time and/or money when gambling.
  • You want to gamble all the time - even though you know you need to stop.
  • Your gambling behavior harms your and/or those around you emotionally, financially, physically, or otherwise.
  • You feel a tension you can only relieve by gambling.

Test: are you addicted to gambling?

To cure any problem, you first have to admit it’s there. Not sure if you do suffer from gambling addiction? Check if you’ve been at least once in one of the situations below:

  • I’ve lost money and/or time on gambling I should’ve spent on more important things or activities.
  • I’ve spent more time and/or money on gambling than I had planned.
  • Something good or bad that happened made me want to gamble.
  • I’ve spent money meant for my household/groceries/bills on gambling.
  • I’ve sold items or borrowed money so I could gamble.
  • I’ve thought about committing or even committed a crime to get money for gambling.
  • Gambling has given me negative thoughts or emotions - remorse, considering suicide or self destruction, depression, etc.
  • I’ve had sleeping problems due to gambling or its consequences.
  • My reputation, ambition, or efficiency has suffered due to gambling.
  • Wins make me want to gamble and win more. Losses make me want to play again to win back the loss.
  • I’ve gambled away my last money.
  • I’ve wanted to solve financial issues by trying to win money with gambling.
  • I’ve cared less for myself and/or others due to gambling.
  • I’ve tried to escape my daily worries or problems by gambling.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the sentences above? Then you may suffer from compulsive gambling. Turn your situation around today. Seek professional help to fight your problem. Here are some helpful resources:

Of course Customer Care is also here for you. We want you to have fun, not problems.

Responsible Gaming Tools

Having trouble setting limits when gambling? We’re here to help. We offer all sorts of tools in your account. Limit the money or time you spend on our website. Take a short or long break from gambling. Or shut down your account altogether. You can find these tools under My Limits in your account. But most importantly, don’t forget to seek additional help.

Our mission against underage gambling

When you gamble, you’re responsible for the consequences. That’s why you must be of legal gambling age in your jurisdiction to place real money bets at Whamoo. You must agree to our Terms and Conditions, and we’ll verify your identity and age. We do everything to make sure we don’t attract minors, and that they don’t play at Whamoo. And you can help as well.

What you can do to stop minors form gambling

Help us in our mission against underage gambling. Prevent minors in your home from gambling. Read these tips:

  • Use child protection software to block gambling sites.
  • Never leave minors unattended when you play at Whamoo.
  • Keep minors from using your payment methods.
  • Don’t use the “Save Password” or “Keep me logged in” option on gaming websites.
  • Are you using a public computer or are you in a public place? Be alert for minors around you.
  • Create separate user profiles for your children on your home computer(s), so they can’t reach (your) gambling websites.